Our Dedication to Quality Program

ReadyCare knows that quality is the foundation on which long-term customer relationships are built. To keep quality top of mind each and every day, we have an ongoing Dedication-to-Quality program that covers five key areas.

Product Quality

Our Quality Assurance Team makes sure that the products coming into our warehouse match our strict specifications and remain that way throughout the production process. To accomplish this, we have formalized checks & balances, and will stop work if anything is not up to our standards

  • Our shampoo, conditioner, body wash & lotion are Paraben-free & DEA-free
  • These 4-Core products are also compliant with California Proposition 65

Service Quality

ReadyCare has dedicated account managers to service each customer and the majority of them have been with us for over 7 years. They pride themseleves in working together as a team to solve our customers’ most pressing issues. This means being responsive, consultative and true problem-solvers.

Printing Quality

We utilize proven, custom silk-screen technology for our printing because it produces a better final product than digital printing and is more reliable than stick-on labels. Before any product gets printed, there are multiple rounds of reviews, both internally and with the customer, to ensure the final product meets everyone's expectations.

  • Industry leading color-matching process & techniques
  • 4 Certified Master Printers with 100+ years of combined printing experience

Fulfillment Quality

Getting the right products to customers on time is extremely important and our Operations Team makes it happen. We work hard to get orders out on time, limit backorders and triple check everything to ensure it goes out right. It’s a team effort but we want things to be right every time a customer opens a ReadyCare box.

  • 100% of orders placed before 2pm MT are shipped out Same Day
  • On a typical day, ReadyCare ships over 225 orders with 1,400+ packages

Pricing Quality

At ReadyCare, pricing quality means more than just the lowest cost. To us, pricing quality also includes value, reliability & accountability. We strive to always be competitive in our pricing and have great respect for our Purchasing Team who utilize our buying power to get great deals from our suppliers.

  • Help customers save through bulk purchasing & combined shipping
  • Ensure customers feel they get "good value" from ReadyCare